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2020 Transgender Day of Remembrance


2019 Charleston Pride Festival

2019 Charleston Pride Parade

Transgender Day of Remembrance

June 2019
50th Stonewall Uprising Celebration NYC

NYC June 2019

2017 Charleston Pride Parade

2016 Charleston Pride Parade
King Street, Charleston, SC

This website is dedicated to the memory of Terri Foxx, co-founder of this group, who passed away in June of 2009 after a valiant battle with throat cancer.  Terri put much personal effort into starting the group and sustaining it during its formative years.  Her presence at our meetings is sorely missed...

 The September 10 meeting has been 
cancelled. Our next in-person meeting will be on Saturday, tober 8 at 7 PM. Masks are optional.  We will social distance as much as possible. Stay tuned for updates and send us an email if you'd like to attend a meeting. 

CATS was founded in June of 2000. We are the longest running transgender support group in South Carolina.  We offer a place where all members of the transgender community can gather to assist and support each other on our respective journeys. 

 We are a non-restrictive group, welcoming everyone from the occasional crossdresser, to the gender fluid,non-binary, to trans women and men. If a person would feel more comfortable with a spouse or ally they are also welcome. Privacy, confidentiality, and discretion are expected and understood.

 Meetings are held the second Saturday of each month, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM, in a secure Charleston area location.

 For details regarding our meetings or to obtain more information about the group, please email us at info@ChasAreaTSupport.org 


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